E Diary : Poland

Together we learn united we stand



        In the morning we took breakfast at 7:30 and then we got ready to go visit the polish school.   

        The bus ride took about half an hour and when we got there we were very appreciated and well received by all Polish students.   

           All school group had organized several activities to have fun, but the best activity was the treasure hunt of Harry Potter. At the end of the activities, we had lunch at school and went to the bus with direction to the center of Kielce.

           When we got there we visited the main streets, gardens, monuments and palaces of Kielce.

            At 18:30 we return to the hotel, tired after a fun day.




On Tuesday we took breakfast at 6:30h and after we went to bus.

We visited the Krzyztopór Castle in Ujazd and we had a guided tour in English. The castle is very beautiful and has many compartments and windows.

After we went to Bałtów and had lunch. Then we took a trip to prehistory. We visited the Jurapark that had giant dinosaurs and fossils. We also visited a digital oceanarium that seemed real.

After we went to a Safari, Theme Park where we saw many species of animals such as camels, ostriches, buffalo, llamas, deer and others.

At the end we came back to Kielce and had dinner at 20:00h.





We wake up at 6.30 and had breakfast in the hotel.

At 10.45 we arrival to Warsaw and visit the wilanow palace, the site of polish Kings with a history lesson in English about the palace and the Kings. The palace is very beautiful principally the garden.

After that visit we had lunch in old town-Warsaw and know more the members of the others countries and their culture. In the end of the lunch we go visit many parts of the city (column, squares, monuments, Mermaid Statue, Kings castle...), this city is very beautiful and interesting.

We left Warsaw at 6 p.m. and arrival to the hotel at 9 p.m.

It was a very fun day and we learned many things.





We woke up and had breakfast in the hotel.

 After that there were a coordinators and headmasters meeting, and all the students had to make a logbook about what we’ve done since Monday until Wednesday.

 At one p.m. we had lunch in the hotel.

 In the afternoon we’ve visited the cathedral and Karczówka Monastery in Kielce to watch and learn about some Polish traditions.

Then back to the hotel we had dinner and went to the rooms. 





We woke up at 6.00 and we had breakfast at 6.30. We left the hotel at 7:30 and we took a bus, towards Krakow. We got to Krakow around 11:00 and then we went to visit the Wawel Castle on a guided tour in English. The castle is really beautiful, and its surroundings are wonderful.

After visiting the castle, we went to the heart of Krakow for lunch. After we finished, we went to visit some significant sites of the old Krakow. It is a charming and animated city, where we could find people performing on the streets, standing still like statues or playing musical instruments.
Later, we went back to the hotel, but as it was late in the evening, we had dinner at McDonalds.
This day was a very funny day, where we could do and see many different and interesting things.




 Saturday as usual we had breakfast at the hotel and when we’ve finished it we said goodbye to the Italian people that we’ve met in there.

 We went to the bus and when we got to Tokarnia. We’ve visit an Ethnographic Park where we’ve stayed sometime in the entrance.

 Then we started our visit. We saw a lot of houses, a church, a school, windmills, a pharmacy, etc. It was very big, had a lot of structures and is an open-air museum with 25 hectares.

 When the visit was finished we had lunch in there and when we’ve finished the lunch we’ve said goodbye to everybody we met in there.

 Then we went to Auschwitz were we saw an old concentration camp, and the other one that was very big we just saw the front part.

 In the first one we saw a lot of houses and inside of them there were expositions with the suits of the people that were in there, their hair brushes, their hair, some of their objects, etc.

 When we left the second one we went to a trip to the airport, were we had dinner and slept.